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Crosstour CR900 Dashcam


  Both Front and Rear Camera is 1080P FHD Equipped with Novatek chip and Sony sensor, this dash cam will surely surprise you at both daylight and night conditions.According to...

Crosstour CR350 Dashcam


  、 24H Parking Mode With just the parking mode on, the cam will activate and automatically start recording about 30 seconds locked video once detecting external force and then...

Crosstour CR350S Dashcam


The best choice for convenient driving With simple installation steps, multiple functions, a built-in SD card, and complete accessories, CR350S allows you to understand and use the dash cam faster...

Crosstour CR750 Dashcam


      Why my“Menu” Button is non-responsive? When your dash cam is in recording, the Menu button won’t work and you need to press the “OK” button to stop...

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